Japrotek’s new entrepreneurs are continuing a success story which began in 1949

Japrotek Oy Ab received new owners in early October, with growth set to continue in an entrepreneur-driven way. The company’s management purchased 81% of its share capital, and former owner Plc Uutechnic Group Oyj will remain in the company as a minority shareholder. Japrotek’s history began in Pietarsaari in 1949, and its journey will now continue in the same location but with a new approach.

“Japrotek is already an exceptional high-competence company in an international operating environment. On behalf of the new owners, I can say that on that basis, it’s exciting to take this story forward,” says new shareholder and managing director Harri Tuomela.

Japrotek supplies solutions made from demanding specialist materials to meet processing industry needs in various sectors around the world. Japrotek employs today about 55 people and sales is about 15mEur in year.  In 2018, exports will make up around 60 %, so the economic impact on the Pietarsaari area will be significant.

Typical customer industries include e.g. the chemical industry and energy industry. Equipment made by Japrotek can be found in every Nordic power plant. Japrotek manufactures e.g., autoclaves, reactors and pressure vessels made from specialist materials, such as titanium and alloy steel. Japrotek is the largest Nordic user of titanium. The process devices that Japrotek manufactures are large in size; some of the biggest containers have a diameter 10 meters and height over 50 meters.

The company has gained four new owners in addition to Tuomela. “This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along many times in life, and it was a fun task to assemble the team. The team is made up of people with lots of experience in all areas which are essential for operations. Team: Harri Tuomela, CEO; Tom Tarkkinen, Production and Planning; David Nyman, Sales and Customer Relations; Katriina Lehto, Financial administration; Kriste Koski, Project Management.  In addition to the team, there is also plenty of other essential competence in the company, which creates a great foundation on which to build success,” says Tuomela.

New capital investments made in the company and arrangements with financial institutions will ensure the company’s financial performance and successful project deliveries. Thanks to the ownership arrangements, the company is now ready to invest in competence, high-quality production and continual development.

The strategy for the coming years is clear, and growth will be sought through the company’s core operations; solutions manufactured from demanding specialist materials.

Further information is available from:

Managing Director
Harri Tuomela
+358 40 5490192