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Pressure Vessels and Tanks


Japrotek industries

  • Mining industry
  • Hydrometallurgy industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Energy industry (nuclear power plants)

The main business of Japrotek Oy Ab is based on design and fabrication of welded pressure vessels and tanks from corrosion resistant alloys.

The initial product selection and customer group were born in a natural way from the needs of the growing pulp and paper industry of Finland and Sweden. The first products were stainless steel storage tanks and towers for pulp. For the electrochemical industry producing chemicals for bleaching of pulp equipment like crystallizers and electrolysis cells were manufactured in titanium.

Internationalization started early and large international contractors like German Uhde GmbH were supplied with large column structures. When in the eighties Outokumpu owned the company equipment for the hydrometallurgical industry like leaching autoclaves became part of the product range. The demanding pressure vessel products and the international customers soon required that a quality control manual was set up. In the early seventies Japrotek became holder of the ASME U-stamp that made export of pressure vessels to the USA and Canada possible.

Japrotek has continued the systematic development of the quality assurance system and the design and manufacturing know-how. Today we therefore are capable of delivering very demanding products such as pressure vessels for nuclear power plants, pressure leaching autoclaves in titanium and large nitric acid absorption columns for the fertilizer industry. Large site-erected storage storage tanks also still is one of our very central products. We have perfected our technology for work shop prefabrication of the tank sections ensuring swift and effective site erection.

Also smaller tanks and pressure vessels that are delivered complete from the workshop remain an important product group. The ferritic-austenitic duplex stainless steels have become ever more important among our raw materials. In addition to the ASME-certificate our most important national approvals for pressure vessel and tank manufacturing today come from China and Germany.