The modern manufacturing facilities of Japrotek Oy Ab were from the start planned and laid out for the manufacturing of large columns requiring high precision in manufacturing and assembly. Japrotek has the capacity to manufacture 80 m long columns and deliver them in one piece over the Pietarsaari deep-water harbour. Slightly shorter columns can have a maximum diameter of 9,5 m.

If the columns must be delivered in two or more sections due to restrictions on the erection site, Japrotek can take charge of the final assembly on site if needed.

Japrotek designs and manufactures columns of various types such as absorption columns, distillation columns, extraction columns, oxidation columns etc. The columns can be equipped with valve, bubble cap, sieve and other tray types, cooling coils, grating for random packings and other internals according to customer requirements. We can also deliver fully dressed columns including service platforms, ladders, thermal insulation, external piping etc.

Japrotek has a decades long experience from design and manufacture of columns for processes producing various chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, alcohol and a multitude of specialty chemicals.