Equipment to Nuclear Power Plants

Equipment to Nuclear Power Plants


Japrotek Oy Ab has participated in the building of almost all the nuclear power plants in the Nordic countries by delivering various equipment. Especially the long cooperation with Asea Atom, later ABB Atom, in the seventies and eighties increased the understanding of the requirements in the nuclear industry and fostered the capability of acting as a equipment supplier. During this period internal parts of the boiling water reactors such as steam separators and feed water spargers were delivered to many reactor plants. Other product examples of equipment to nuclear power plants were storage racks for spent fuel, evaporators and pressure vessels.

In the time following the Tshernobyl-catastrophe we delivered venturi washers to Siemens KWU for Olkiluoto and absorption columns to IVO International for Japan.

The largest delivery to this customer sector, however, was fourteen large pressure vessels, including the pressure water accumulators, to the new Olkiluoto 3 reactor plant in Finland. Japrotek was the largest Finnish mechanical engineering workshop taking part in the project.

Touching the nuclear power sector Japrotek together with sister company AP-Tela Oy has delivered a large number of equipment to nuclear power plants, such as high precision components to the LHC particle collider built by CERN in Geneva in Switzerland.