Large Tanks

Large Tanks


Up to a diameter of about 3 m vessels can be delivered complete and ready from the work shop. Larger tanks are normally worthwhile to prefabricate with automated processes in controlled workshop conditions and assembled the sections only on the erection site. Often space limitations on the erection site prevent installation of large tanks in one piece.

Japrotek Oy Ab has developed production methods and invested in machinery that allow the major part of the welding work to be performed in controlled conditions in the work shop and standard trucks or containers to be used for transport of the large tank sections to site. The final assembly of the sections on the work site is much swifter compared to the traditional way of building the large tanks on site from separate single plates.

Mostly the final assembly work on site is part of Japrotek’s delivery scope but if so preferred, Japrotek can also dispatch a supervisor to advice the buyer in the assembly work of large tanks.

Japrotek has delivered a large number of large tanks around the world mainly to pulp and paper mills, chemical industry and waste water treatment plants.