Reactors often are the heart of a chemical production plant where a chemical reaction or a phase transformation is taking place. For starting a chemical reaction the vessel contents often has to be heated and again cooled at the end of batch. Almost without exception the reactor is equipped with an agitator to produce effective contact between the reactants and to enhance heat transfer.

Japrotek Oy Ab manufactures reactors with volumes of 250 m3 and more. Depending on size the pressure can be even 100 bar.

The batch production time often is determined by the time needed for heating and cooling the reactor. Smaller vessels can be equipped with full jackets but when vessel size and heat transfer medium pressure grow the vessel can have dimple jackets. Large reactor vessels are without exception equipped with half pipe jackets. The most effective heat transfer is however achieved using internal cooling coils or thermo channels.

The reactor agitator is carefully chosen separately for each application. The type of impellers and power input chosen depend on whether the reaction medium needs to be exposed to shear forces or if simply mixing of the components is enough. The agitator design also is crucial for achieving effective heat transfer.

For pressurized reactors the agitator normally is equipped with a double acting mechanical shaft seal. The material of the wetted parts is chosen to stand the corrosivity of the reactor contents. The reactor internals can be ground and polished to mirror finish followed by electrolytical polishing if needed.

Japrotek can supply the reactor complete with service platforms, ladders, thermal insulation and other accessories if needed. As examples of numerous Japrotek-deliveries can be mentioned reactors for polymerization, condensation, production of fine chemicals, fertilizer, glues etc. Also pressurized vessels for crystallization and pharmaceuticals can be considered to be reactors.